Episode 6: Family Limitation (Part 4)

Jimmy, Torrio, and Capone have all just arrived at a meeting with Sheridan and his men to discuss the recent events and make a new deal. It is clear that Sheridan now thinks he has the upper hand in Greektown, and for a moment there I believed him. I really thought that Jimmy and the gang had truly lost this battle. But I should’ve known that Jimmy would never let these men get away with Pearl’s death and control of Greektown. The meeting comes to a close with a dramatic plan concocted by Jimmy himself. Even though they were frisked upon entrance, he manages to get Kitty, another prostitute, to bring them their guns to kill Sheridan and every single one of his men. I’m still reeling from how quickly it all happened! Casual small talk in one second, blood and murder the next!

As the new head gangster of Greektown, Torrio and his men celebrate, praising Jimmy for his smart strategy. Amongst the merriment sits Capone, clearly jealous of Jimmy’s quick rise in Torrio’s ranks while he remains Torrio’s “driver” by name. The mean look on his face is still resonating with me. I sense the beginnings of hostility between Jimmy and Capone.

The feelings of joy and celebration are soon subdued as the scene cuts to Margaret who is waiting to be picked up for a date with Nucky. He had planned to take her to a magic show and treat her to dinner afterwards. Clearly excited for the night, Margaret’s mood descends rapidly as she first receives a call from Nucky’s butler, Eddie, that Nucky must cancel the event due to “business” and then when a neighbor arrives to introduce herself as a fellow “mistress” on the street. “Us concubines always help each other out,” the woman says cheerily. To Margaret (and to me!), things are definitely no longer cheery as they were earlier that day. A new house, new clothes, and a new beau may change one’s life, but perhaps not for the better as Margaret once thought.

Watch a recap of the whole episode.


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