Episode 6: Family Limitation (Part 3)

As if to confirm our confidence in Margaret and our disdain for Lucy, the next important scene takes place at Belle Femme where Margaret works. Like a character straight out of Mean Girls, Lucy orders Margaret to model some lingerie for her, knowing full well that Margaret does not have the same body type. As soon as she undresses, Lucy quickly points out her flaws, reminding her who Nucky is most physically attracted to. However, Margaret is cunning in her retorts, insulting Lucy and her lack of wits. Before Lucy can even respond, Margaret leaves the dressing room and promptly quits her job.

Watch a clip of the dramatic scene here!

It looks like Margaret won’t be needing her job at the store anymore anyway, as we just observed her and her two children walking into her beautiful new home! I still can’t believe that all Margaret had to do was sleep with Nucky a couple times to get him to buy her a house in a nice neighborhood. That’s quite the gesture if you ask me.

And meanwhile, Agent Van Alden arrives at Margaret’s old home only to find that she is no longer there from her next-door neighbor. The neighbor, Edith, tells him that the family was picked up in a Rolls Royce and moved out, adding that Margaret is a “whore” (which makes me pretty angry!) I can only imagine how confused Van Alden must be, especially since Margaret came directly to him in the last episode regarding Nucky’s alcohol business crimes. Plus, we know that he is secretly mesmerized with Margaret anyway. Poor guy.


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