Episode 6: Family Limitation (Part 2)

Back in Chicago, Torrio approached Jimmy and Capone with his decision to concede Greektown to Sheridan after the recent events, including the attack on Pearl and her suicide because of it. Despite his unemotional personality, I can still tell that Jimmy is affected by what happened. He doesn’t seem happy with Torrio’s news, and the scene ends with him clearly devising some sort of new plan with the mob boss. Perhaps revenge is in the near future?

And finally, we see Margaret! This time, she is lying happily in bed with Nucky. Nucky seems quite content as well, though it does make me slightly uncomfortable knowing that he was just with Lucy only hours before. When Margaret asks him about the scratches on his chest, he shrugs it off and blames it on a hunting injury. He then changes the subject and the two begin to discuss his offer to move her out of her poorer neighborhood into a nicer area with a bigger house. It’s interesting to see how quickly Margaret’s life has changed, and it will only continue to do so. At least she is smart enough not to expect marriage with Nucky, as she is, after all, reading a “family limitation” pamphlet to instruct her how to use birth control. Looks like she’s definitely not the angel we thought her to be!


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