Episode 6: Family Limitation (Part 1)

Hello all- I will be live-blogging this particular episode just to change it up a bit! Hopefully I’ll be able to capture more of my reactions as the events unfold and make things a little interesting!

First off, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Lucy is a psycho. Cuddling with Nucky in bed, she just pretended that she was a tiger and dug her nails into him with a playful yet aggressive “roar,” causing him to bleed! I must admit, I know that the writers of the series have purposely depicted Lucy as a sexy-yet-stupid type of girl (probably so that we root for Margaret), but they certainly haven’t done a great job of allowing us to understand how Nucky ended up with her as his girlfriend in the first place. Though we know that he enjoys beautiful women, we always observe him scolding Lucy in extreme annoyance. Plus, despite his crimes, Nucky has an intellectual head on his shoulders. Why is he still messing around with Lucy when we know perfectly well that Margaret is a much better match for him? Personally, I’m still wondering what happened to both of them after the big kiss in last episode’s final scene.

In another part of town, things are heating up in a different way. There’s definitely no anger here. Gillian and Lucky are clearly getting to know each other better physically. I’m personally still pretty shocked at this pairing, since the two had barely even met before they started their sexual escapades. However, Lucky just admitted to Gillian that she’s “the first broad in years” that put any “lead” in his “pencil.” I wonder how long this will be the case though, as the scene just ended with a call to Lucky from Rothstein in New York- he knows that Gillian is there and informs him that the woman is Jimmy’s mother and not his wife like Lucky had originally thought. So, there’s that…


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